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Park Assist

Maximize Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

We realize you put a lot of thought and effort into creating a memorable experience for your guests. Eagle Parking can alleviate the stress created by parking concerns, so you can concentrate on your guests and enjoy your success. Let us put together a free parking estimate and parking plan for you today.

Ambassador Program

A Customer Service Oriented Solution

The ambassador program is a customer service oriented solution to help properties reserve the onsite parking for customers and employees who are permitted to park on the property during business hours. Our goal is to help protect your parking for your valued guests and customers for shopping centers, retail centers, stand alone businesses, and more.

Additional Support

Let us help enhance the customer experience

Our uniformed presence and diligent monitoring provides an additional layer of support for your property while assisting customers with traffic flow and finding a place to park as needed. Our team will interact in a friendly and positive way with customers who have questions and provide them with information and directions. Let us help enhance the customer experience of your property and keep the parking for your paying customers.


The Eagle Advantage

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of providing outstanding customer service for our parking ambassador clients. We provide a full, comprehensive plan to help support your location.

Customer Service

The goal of the ambassador is to personally and professionally interact with people and direct them to available spaces. A well informed, polite ambassador can significantly enhance a visitor’s overall event experience.

Added Benefits

The ambassador will assist with general traffic flow, answer customer questions, monitor your property and provide updates about items such as graffiti, vandalism, and monitor employee parking.

Special Events

Proven Experience
and Professional Service

Our special events parking manager will listen to your specific needs to provide the personal touches your event deserves no matter how large or small. We do it all from large 10,000 person events to small home gatherings. Our experience includes traffic assistance, parking ambassadors, valet service, shuttle buses, golf carts, and parking logistics project planning for races, public events, corporate events, and many more.

Eagle Parking Services

Accountability. Trust.

Let us show you the difference a true hands-on parking partner can make for your organization.